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Default Re: Will there ever be a Polish HW anywhere near as good as prime Golota was???

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post
Oh wait......Does Adamek NOT do the very same thing?

Everytime Adamek fights, almost every fightfan thinks he's getting starched. Yet almost every fight, he gets his hand raised after 12 amazing rds.

You know....Im one of those fans who thinks Adameks getting KOd each and every ****ing time, but Im also one of those fans who knows that Riddock Bowe was one of the most overrated HWs ever, and who knows there is NO fighter on Golotas resume that Adamek would NOT beat. No.....NOT a ****ing one.
Good point. Adamek's resume owns Golota's and thats what actually counts. Not some mystical, hypothetical "wasted talent/potential " hogwash we hear so frequently. Mental toughness is every part of what a fighter ends up being and in this department Golota was lacking to the point of most people feeling sorry for him. What counts the most is what you do with the talent that you have. And in this department, Adamek has no equals with the possible exception of Michalczewski. Will there ever be a Polish figher as good as Golota? Hell ya. His name is Adamek and he has the resume to back that up. Now, im not writing Golota off. I think he was damn talented and he competed against the who's who of the 90's which was a much tougher HW era and in many moments during those fights it was scary how good Golota looked verses what the typical HW today can do in a ring. But Solis is damn talented too and look how far that's gotten him. So who's more talented? Golota. Who's better (as in more successful in the ring)? Easy....Adamek.

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