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Default Re: Jimmy Savile, Frank Bruno and The Yorkshire Ripper

Originally Posted by Strike View Post
He was depraved for sure. And he gets no pass from me or post people. But someone who is in a battle with another gangster and kills that other violent individual is not the same as someone who kills innocent people for a kick.

There are levels and even among serial killers there are levels, with those driven by the desire to torture and inflict as much terror and pain on their victims before death generally categorised as "more evil" than the likes of say Shipman.
Kray didn't just kill other gangsters. The brothers were notoriously sadistic too, often torturing their victims. The level of violence they committed was akin to sadism, which intersects closely with thrill seeker type killers. Power, control, etc.

There are categories of killers, usually in motivations.
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