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Default Re: Mike Tyson's prime

Well you have to take into consideration when Tyson was well trained and disciplined and that ended at the Spinks fight when he parted ways with the team who brought him to the top. He quickly showed lack of discipline and his corner was pretty awful soon after that fight. Tyson was still a young man but he his skills and discipline as a fighter unraveled very quickly after the Spinks fight and thats why he lost so quickly. I think Tyson was really just starting to enter his prime around the time he unified the titles. He was just starting to face the elite champions and former champs of the division and they were well schooled solid fighters. Spinks, Tubbs, Tucker, Thomas, Berbick, Williams, those were good solid fighters.

I dont know why people find it hard to believe Tyson declined because he changed his discipline as a fighter, you can apply that logic to just about everything in life your succesful at and you would have the same type of scenario. A brillant guy would fail a test if he didnt study or prepare himself properly no matter how smart he was so the same applies to Tyson or any athelete.
Tyson wasn't superman, he was a gifted fighter, but he had to train and prepare himself correctly to maintain that type of success and dominance and it was a style that was pretty unique to his size and attributes, with a strong emphasis on defense, which is what he got away from the most. He was never the same fighter, because he never went back to what made him so dominant.
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