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Originally Posted by dawsosj View Post
Not really, i don't think you understand how popular green is in perth and how revered he is in his local community as not only a star boxer but also as a gun surfer and he is also very involved in things such as aus kick. To say most celebrities kids cop flak at school shows that you know nothing, what did you watch rocky 5 and deduce from that that you were an authority on the subject? your blinding unintelligence continues to astound me
Gun surfer was farkn funny! good one mate

Now you claim i crossed the line by assuming his kids will cop flack one day, and then you claim that everyone in perth loves danny so its impossible, pal do you live in a fcking bubble or something? not everyone in perth has their head stuck up Dannys ass like you do.

Did Danny Cross the line by talking about his wife and children when he claimed he was going to retire and never come out of retirment for any amount of money? didnt he use his family as the excuse? better write him a letter and let him know your feelings about him crossing the line, you have the audacity to call me unintelligent yet you come up with this bullsht! hahahaha
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