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Default Wilfredo Gomez ATG if no Light Featherweight division?

As nobody replied to my post about the "inbetween" devisons I thought I would repost but narrow it down. For example would Wilfredo Gomez, who pretty much legitimised the fledgling Light Featherweight class with his excellent run as champ, still have had an ATG career if there were no Light Featherweight class and he had to fight at either Bantamweight or Featherweight during his peak years? Which would he have fought at? BW up to FW, or straight into the FW division you think?

Featherweight options:

If in 1977 (the year he first won the LT FW title) he had challenged Danny Lopez for the WBC Featherweight title what would have happened?

I suspect he could have beaten WBA champions of the time Cecilio Lastra or Rafael Ortega but what about Eusebio Pedroza who took over for a long run as WBA FW champ in 1978? Could he have beaten Pedroza and then set up a clash with Sanchez but as a FW unification match?

Bantamweight options:

If in 1977 he had been able to make Bantamweight then he would have clashed with Carlos Zarate for the WBC title, how would this fight have been different at BW? He could also have fought Jorge LujŠn first for the WBA title and then clashed with Zarate as a BW unification match or if a little earlier maybe Zamora?

All the Gomez/ BW - FW expects please let me know what you think of these options! Also any other examples of great fighters who made their careers at the in-between weight classes whose ATG standing may have been different if forced to fight in one of the 8 original classes.
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