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Default Re: ALVARADO Will KO RIOS in the 8th...

Originally Posted by Atritionist View Post
Alvarado has a better Jab than Rios and works behind it better. Yes, they both use uppercuts, but Alvarado fires his from the outside and inside where Rios only uses his on the inside.

If Rios can bury his head in Alvarado's chest and continuously work him on the inside, he could break down his bigger and stronger opponent. But I really do think Mike has more tools to keep Brandon at a favorable distance enough times to get some respect, eventually TKOing him.
I can't decide.

At first I thought Alvarado then after some consideration I thought Rios
Now I'm just stuck in the middle again...

After the weigh in i'll probaly be hyped for Alvarado...

I would then say by round 3 i'd know who is going to win.. but in a fight like this.. it's not over till it's over.
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