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Default Re: 70's heavies v 90's heavies ?

Originally Posted by Faerun View Post
A '70s boxer won a belt in the '90s last time I checked.
Foreman caught lightning in a bottle that night. It was a great moment, one of those jaw dropping feel good moments where boxing history is made.

However, if you're trying to claim that the 70s were a greater era simply because one of their fighters happened to capture a belt in the 90s, then I have to take issue with your logic. Foreman was struggling with a number of lower ranked fighters all throughout his comeback, and was the recipient of one rather blatant gift decision against Axel Schulz. He was hopeless against Morrison and Holyfield, and would have lost a wide decision to Moorer had Moorer listened to his corner and kept out of Foreman's line of fire. The fact that he managed to pull it off speaks more for his toughness and awesome power (and Moorer's less than stellar chin and inability to follow corner instructions) than it does for his skill level at the time. To ascertain that, you need to look at the whole of his comeback career, which paints him in a less impressive light.

Hopkins he was not.
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