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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

Saturday Night - March 19, 1977

Cesar Giron 'Bull Ring' - Maracay, Venezuela

Attendance; 3800

While waiting for Hector Thompson (Australia) to recover from a 'knee injury', and
Carlos Maria Giminiez (Argentina) to prepare in his homeland,,,,

The 31 year-old (going on 36) 'Kid Pambele' takes a 'tune-up' versus Adriano 'Nani' Marrero.
The #1 WBA-ranked Cervantes at 78-10-3 (38 KO's) 'on paper' should have no problem with
the 'light-punching' Dominican.

The 26 year-old - Adriano 'Nani' Marrero at 22-7-2 (3 KO's), is a skillful boxer, with a great
chin. 'Nani' is a slick stylist, who can make anybody look bad in the ring.

'Nani' has not fought in 6-months, since losing a 'hometown' 10-Round Decision to Puerto Rican
Lightweight Champion - Jose Marquez in Puerto Rico in October 1976. Before that 'Nani' had
'upset' Top-ranked Carlos Maria Giminez in July 1976, which earned 'Nani' a Top 10 ranking.

Currently, the WBA has Antonio Cervantes as the #1 Light-Welterweight, and Adriano Marrero
ranked as #12.

The Colombian Cervantes gets off to a very slow start, as the 5' 8" Dominican sweeps the first
'3-Rounds, by landing stiif jabs, and then ties up 'Kid Pambele' when he moves in close to punch.

Holding a slight-edge on the scorecards though 5-Rounds, 'Nani' Marrero has a good 6th Round,
when he suprisingly stings 'Kid Pambele' with a great 3-punch combination, forcing the former
Champion to hold on.

'Nani' keeps up the pace in Round 7, and out-jabs Cervantes 2-to-1, and also lands the sharper
punches. Through 7-Rounds, it appears that the only way 'Kid Pambele' can win is to have big rounds
or knockout 'Nani' Marrero.

In desperation, Cervantes tries for the knockout in Round 8, but Marrero is too elusive and too smart
to get caught by a bomb from the Colombian. 'Nani' just patiently counters over the last 3-Rounds,
and avoids the wild-swing uppercut bombs from Cervantes.

At the bell ending Round 10, 'Nani' Marrero raises his hands above his head, as his handlers rush into
the ring, and congratulate the 26 year-old Dominican on his 'sterling performance'.

Antonio Cervantes walks back to his corner, with a dejected look.

Then the scorecards........

97-96 / 97-96 / 98-97 ----- Winner by Unanimous Decision - 'Kid Pambele' Cervantes

The judges 'screwed' Adiano Marrero, who was clearly the better boxer and winner of the bout.

Adriano 'Nani' Marrero

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