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Default Re: Michael Dokes vs. non-Champion 70's HWs

His handspeed, boxing skill, and better than average chin ( but not granite ), could have given him the edge in some of these fights. To knock out a prime Dokes you had to have a pretty good punch and the ability to land with reasonable regularity. The only man to ever hand a prime Dokes a knockout was Coetzee and by 1983, Dokes' drug problems were starting to get the better of him, which may have been a factor in that loss. I'm thinking he could have outpointed Jimmy Young prime for prime. In 1979, Dokes was only 20 years old and had 14 fights and got the win. Young was a bit past it for sure, but probably still closer to his best than Dokes had yet reached. Michael had enough enough of the right tools to beat Shavers as well, barring of course, a huge right hand that if placed properly could have ended it at any time.. Quarry was iffy, but I think a fully developed and primed Michael had more experience than a 19 fight Lyle, and certainly wouldn't be beaten in one round the way that Shavers was. I think that fight is kinda 50/50. So basically I think he'd have a great chance at beating all of them, but in all probably he'd likely win some and lose some.
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