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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
I appreciate the response and I mean this in the least snipey way possible (will sound that way in print but hopefully you see where I'm coming from) but what about Vitali's mistake back in the day? Put it down to the follys of youth and lack of guidance?
To a degree. It's also a sign of the times. Think of the program he was part of. Rocky 4 was a fun romp, but it was also pretty tongue in cheek; That stuff was absolutely regular. IF he intentionally juiced to gain a leg up, so did every other former Soviet amateur before they cleaned the program up in '99. If he says he did it because of user error to fix an injury, I believe him, because steroid users in boxing are attempting to attain something, in my experience. A strength edge, a conditioning edge, something, and Vitali is a physical specimen. He's massive, he's brutish. He doesn't really need them. He was born with the right genes.

Young fighters make dumb mistakes. If a single one stains an entire career, every career ever is stained by something. There comes a time, and its hard, I know, where we've gotta let men be men, gotta let them be flawed, and have to stay objective.

If I was remembered for my worst loss, people would call me a no heart, no talent, glass jawed bum. My worst mistake outside the ring, a disloyal, money grubbing, selfish *****. And I don't think thats fair.
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