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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

One also has to remember that the advantages from doping are not lost. Ie. use roids to gain muscle mass, stop using roids doesn't mean muscles go away. As well naturally testosterone and roids level will fall if your working very hard, so it is possible to still dope, past the test, especially when the klitschkos refuse olympic style drug testing and use to live out in an area close to the notorious balco drug lab in california. Can't prove positive they are doping, you'd need another admission or a police sting, but they have a history of it,they are old men fighting better than when they were young, they lived close to a notorious drug lab in the US that gave undetected PED to numerous athletes from all over the nation, and he mysteriously relocates to Germany after they crack down on the lab, where several major notorious drug labs have been busted in his town like the IP drug lab that supplies ped all over europe through spain (ie. drugs sent to spain and from spain to wherever you order because they have more lax steroid laws)

Klitschko also refused to do random drug test to fight potvenkin, but when pacquiao said the same thing everyone assumed he must be doping. When all those baseball players don't want to do dope test, they are assumed guilty. Then Vlad makes suspect statements by saying things like dope test would do no good for boxing... really. I guess dope test would have done no good when your brother was at the olympics too. ****ing cheater, taking steroids for a leg injury, yeah sure, and we know steroids gives kidney stones.
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