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Default Re: Can Audrey Harrison still become an ATG?

Originally Posted by chitownfightfan View Post
If he beats Price he'll get Fury too. If he beats Fury and KOs him making a huge statement, there is little doubt he could get a Haye rematch.

Should he get that rematch, and KO Haye, like a Foreman Frazier type dominating performance, there is a good chance we could see Wlad vs Audley.

When Audley beats those other Brits, and then goes in KOs Wlad in a Corrie Sanders type beatdown, I could easily see him climbing into the top 20 ATG HW list.
Top 25.

This is a good theory. Let's be honest here and no trolling.

Harrison does have great power. Price is suspected to have a weak chin.
Fury is suspected to have a weak chin.

Haye and Wlad DOES have weak chins.

Lightning in a bottle four times and suddenly he cleaned out the Uk and knocked out Wlad.

That will give his resume a giant boost and you figure in his age, a serious case can be made Harrison is top 25-20 ATG HW
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