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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Where I come, its innocent until proven guilty.

I have a passion for the law, and I believe in that with all my heart. I refuse to speculate and offer conspiracy theories against friends of mine who have shown me they are honest, gracious men of much character.

But then, I was actually a high level prizefighter, not just a fan on a forum, and we have a brotherhood at that level that might make me highly biased.

And yes, Bokaj, Vitali is rather slow, pulls away from shots with his hands down, and gets hit rather often, even given his massive advantages. His awkwardness, his power, and his incredible strength are super tough to solve, would give any fighter hell, but he doesn't hit hard enough to trigger Wlad's panic attacks(If Wlad even does panic when in trouble anymore, we don't know), and he'd be eating his younger brothers straight punches like candy.

People just say he'd "Pressure Wlad and walk him down and fight him because he has the harder chin and he's tougher!" Wlad would want him to do that. Coming forward, onto the jab? Plays completely into his hands. Walking through punches to brawl and break a guy down, Rocky Marciano style, isn't all that easy. It's incredibly difficult, and more often then not, you take too many punches to accomplish your ultimate goal. Younger K is an awful style match up for bigger K.
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