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Default Re: Mayhem Miller meltdown on the MMA Hour

Originally Posted by tri-pod View Post
They said the same thing about Charlie Sheen during his "meltdown" and a little after he comes back to tv with a show called Anger Management.

If Miller actually thought he was Lucky Patrick or whatever the **** the characters name is, that's not some run of the mill social disorder, that's some heavy personality disorder and somebody close to him would have had him committed by now.
No ones saying he actually thought he was Lucky Patrick. It's pretty clear he was using the character to deflect any questions about himself.

More and more questions about himself ensued and he flipped the **** out flexing on Ariel and screaming "****IN STOP CALLING ME MAYHEM!!", storming out, and then Ariel runs after him down the street and according to him Mayhem won't even break character off camera.
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