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Default Re: Showtime close to ending Strikeforce deal, promotion could fold soon

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
SF has to be established as a second tier organisation. Alot of UFC fighters should be in it and Cormier, Melendez etc should be in the UFC. SF could have tournaments to get into the UFC and the formula for good fights still work. It would help to establish the UFC as the NFL of MMA. Hardcore fans know that there are a number of top fighters that should and could be in the UFC but aren't.

Who gives a **** about Showtime, move it somewhere else because at the moment it is a sideshow with no credibility. Cormier is on twitter everyday saying he doesn't know who he is going to fight.
No disrespect intended Achilles but you're a relative noob to this sport and a **** most certainly needs to be given here.
MMA is in a SERIOUS decline. The Fuel card did very poor numbers. Likewise even Bellator are struggling too. The UFC has also been routinely putting on garbage cards as well as being plagued by injury's.
Now SF is literally days may be hours from closing its door.
There's a running theme here and its Dana White and Zuffa. They're killing this sport and dragging others down with them.
Prior to Zuffa Showtime and SF had an excellent relationship. The coverage was vital to the success of the brand and was the main reason why SF had such a good year off the back of the GP prior to being bought. Because of Dana's complete lack of professionalism, Showtime are now going to ditch MMA. Thats bad bad news for fans and most of all for fighters.
Only recently John Fitch was complaining how tough it is for fighters to make a living outside of MMA. And the main reason for this is not the economic down turn but simply because fighters have far fewer options now.
It pains me to see an Organisation like SF that has been around since the mid 80's get thrown to the dogs simply because Zuffa didn't give a **** about it. But alas this has always been the Zuffa way. They've never ever been interested in monetizing or cultivating any of their acquisitions.
If this downwards trend continues MMA will positively return to a niche sport as right now the casual fans are walking away from it in their 10's of thousands. Thats not anything not to give a **** about.

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