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Default Examples of boxers who disgraced they're fans and looked for a way out during fights?

Can you name some examples? I think the fighter that springs to everyones mind first is probably Bernard Hopkins due to his repetitive habit of doing this and ****ting on his fans who paid hard earned money to watch him.


- The first Chad Dawson fight - wrestled to the ground and then feigned a shoulder injury because he knew he was on the way to getting comprehensively outboxed

- Joe Calzaghe fight - was finding the pace of the fight too difficult to maintain and feigned a low blow, cowardly grimacing on the floor in embarrassing fashion, receiving a 5 minute rest at a critical time and hoping that corrupt ref Cortez would disqualify Calzaghe.

- Robert Allen fight - Not sure which one of the famous trilogy this was, think it might have been the 2nd fight where Hopkins dived out of the ring and then pretended to be injured to get the fight called off, really cringe-worthy stuff. Sure there will be some more examples of 'old school' Bernard as well but i'm sure you get the picture of the kind of stuff I'm looking for.

Now its your turn, give me examples of fighters who disgraced their own fans, robbed them out of they're hard earned money and cowardly looked for ways out during fights . . . . . .
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