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Default Re: Why did Jame Toney Vs Eubank/Benn not happen?

Originally Posted by bailey View Post
You havent owned anybody, you are waffling and not answering the question .
when did Toney travel to fight a SMW champ .
Duck the question again PatheticSquealer

So do you think Littles who had done nothing but beat an up and comer who hadnt done anything was better than beating a reigning world champ .
Most relevant action wasnt in the U.S. at SMW, the biggest SMW title fight to come at that time was Benn/Eubank and both were reigning champs taking on better comp, the action was in the UK.
What big fights before Toney/Jones were happening in the SMW in the U.S?
Duck another question
Titles often change hands by up-and-comers being better than current champs - Correct? Thought so.

Therefore it's possible for a non-title holder to be better than a titlist. Correct? Again, yes.

Said non-titlist beats future dominant champ on points. Probability of unexposed fighter being better than mediocre titlist = High.


Michigan to New Jersey = 643.46 miles apart.

Michigan to Oklahoma = 886.45 miles apart.

Michigan to California = 1837.65 miles apart.

That is in 3 SMW fights that Toney had. When was the last time that either Benn or Eubank travelled over 1500 miles for a SMW title fight?

That's what I thought. Owned.
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