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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Having been in the ring with the Klitschko bros and many of the best of the 90's, Wladimir is easily in their class. Easily. The best favor anybody could do a Klitschko is take them lightly.

Massive mountains of muscle with incredible range, educated jabs, boa constrictor strength, and in Wlad's case, concussive power? Yeah. Easy night. I had this boxing thing all wrong, those guys were pussies! Few short shots in between their straight punches, and thy'd have just fallen down. Man oh man. Wasted opportunities, I tell ya.
Dude, what's your name! I'm dying to know who you are! Even you were just a HW contender, that's still bloody amazing, considering how 99% of amateurs totally fall short in the pros! Also which one are you in your avatar? The guy on the left, or on the right?
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