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Default Re: Time to appreciate and not Underestimate Carl Froch

Originally Posted by CloudManZ View Post
Actually, most people on ESB expected AT LEAST a competitive fight, given AA's power and Froch's (lack of) defense. Seriously, I can't see how anyone would have thought it was a mis-match.
Originally Posted by CloudManZ View Post
Haha its alright! .. I just wanted to answer to those who were like "pfff I knew Froch would beat AA easy before it happened".. yeah right.. it's easy to say this like 2 years later.. lol
Originally Posted by Tyler-Durden View Post
Exactly Cloud !

And when you see it's Bailey who's posting that **** it sounds even more stupid. The guy has more wrong predictions than Teddy Atlas.
My prediction thread before the fight below. Tyler-Durden pwned again

I am once again commiting myself on a thread, with a prediction, ready to leave myself open to attack from the haters.
Arthur Abraham has been fighting Froch's left overs recently and is now going to have to face the real deal. Abrahams last 2 opponents have been fighters that Froch had beaten in their previous fights.

Froch has a proven SMW resume of Reid, Magee, Pascal and Taylor, (Dirrell not included as he wasnt a fighter with a known resume and hasnt yet achieved his potential) with a close decision loss to Kessler whilst AAs consists of a win over previously KOd Miranda, previously KOd Taylor and a DQ loss to Dirrell who was beaten by Froch in his outing before.

I think Froch will beat Abraham (but will at some point have to absorb a flush AA shot) and wouldnt be shocked if Froch won inside the distance exposing AA as a hype job to go along with Dirrell, Lacy, Pavlik, Taylor, Tarver, Jacobs, Williams, Dawson etc

Who do you think will win?


As I said Tyler-Durden, I predicted Froch and you fell right into the trap I laid like a stupid animal .
I knew if I made a point of saying I predicted Froch to win you would not be able to resist making a comment and getting yourself pwned by me AGAIN

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