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Default Re: Jab, Cross, Hook

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
Okay so like most boxers I have fundamental combinations that I was taught early on and continue to throw to set up other shots ie: 1-2, Jab cross hook, jab cross hook cross etc. I always like to throw Jab, Cross, Hook its my favorite combination to start out with. I throw more complex or varied combinations during my sparring as well usually just not to lead off or set up other combos. My coach says that everyone knows/expects that combination when your sparring so dont throw it. I understand what he means in the sense of mix up your attack which I do as the round progresses but I like to stick to the fundamental combos in the start of the round to feel my sparring partner out. Should i abandon/not use this combination as much? From your perspective is this an easy combo to anticipate? One of the reasons I like it is because i think its effective and thats why its taught early on....thoughts? i'm not saying I just throw this combination in sparring I switch it up however it seems like he doesnt want me to throw it at all during sparring. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks, Ricky
I think your coach is communicating that he doesn't want you to set a pattern for your offense.

Every combination is fine, but if you are throwing it repeatedly in the same situations, it can get a bit dangerous.

Nothing wrong with following the 1-2 with a good hook, though.
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