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Default Re: Why did Jame Toney Vs Eubank/Benn not happen?

Originally Posted by bailey View Post
You've lived up to your name of PatheticSquealer, you have avoided the questions and not been able to back up the part you said about the big SMW fights being in the U.S. where I brutally exposed your argument and made you squirm
Why have you ducked the questions?

when did Toney travel to fight a SMW champ .

So do you think Littles who had done nothing but beat an up and comer who hadnt done anything was better than beating a reigning world champ .
Most relevant action wasnt in the U.S. at SMW, the biggest SMW title fight to come at that time was Benn/Eubank and both were reigning champs taking on better comp, the action was in the UK.
What big fights before Toney/Jones were happening in the SMW in the U.S?
Duck another question AGAIN

So you duck the questions and talk about the size of America
I expose your questions as being nonsensical and irrelevant and all you can reply with is emoticons. Awesome.
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