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Default Re: Examples of boxers who disgraced they're fans and looked for a way out during fig

Originally Posted by Fellonblackdays View Post
I'm not your pal and you fail to comprehend the difference between there, they're and their yet have the audacity to try and troll and insult in regards to Bernard Hopkins who is an ATG.

calm down pal, below was your original post to me

Originally Posted by Fellonblackdays View Post
Does OP even know how to English? Victoria Ortiz a few times.
Are you familiar with the term 'self-pwnage'?

You made zero sense

Who is Victoria Ortiz anyway?

Just because you're some loyal hopkins fanboy that can't see the wood for the tree's, it doesn't mean that you have to ignore the glaring facts that Hopkins is a serial quitter and feigner of injuries and does not give a flying **** about giving his fans value for money

If Bernard Hopkins was fighting at the bottom of my garden, I'd close the curtains and go to sleep pal
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