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Default Re: Examples of boxers who disgraced they're fans and looked for a way out during fig

Originally Posted by Fellonblackdays View Post
Whats a pwnage? Anyone with a brain knows the posts intent was to be jovial unfortunately for yourself you don't understand the amusement provided by such remarks, instead you choose to be rendered re****ed .

Maybe you should watch a few more boxing matches and interviews you might learn something .

I see we're not so good at trolling Electric Guru, its a shame you start out to cause amusement but it results in a very much opposite situation for yourself. Thing is when ever people see your username and the titles of the threads you a pre ****scent whelp trying to divert attention away from his insignificant purpose creates. This is the guy who pops in the minds of the audience.
What a hammering. I wonder if he's ok !
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