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Default Re: Who Accepted Defeat Like A Man - Juan Manuel Marquez or Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
So why do fighters use specific gloves for?

And taking blood at that late of stage when you trying to make weight is a problem.

Anyone will tell you that Winning are pillow and Reyes are the puncher's gloves.

So giving a puncher like Pacquiao pillows is going to affect the fight.

Either way Pacquiao accepted the judges decision and came back stronger with his favoured gloves.
In blood tests, they don't take enough blood to weaken you. You lose far more blood in Sparring and a fight than from a blood test. So the blood test excuse is just pathetic. The gloves excuse was just Pathetic, Morales wore the same ****ing gloves. Morales gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson, it didn't matter what gloves Pacquiao wore, he would have lost. The fact that Pacquiao feels he needs a certain glove to win shows he ain't tht great of a fighter, if your a good fighter, you should be able to win regardless of what gloves you wear. Your a professional, for goodness sake. Back in the day Fighters wore whatever gloves was given to them, and they did the Job. Don't cry and complain about gloves. You Pac****s are ****ing Pathetic.
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