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Default Re: Rate these fighters: Tszyu, Arbachakov, Nazarov

Arbachakov was never quite active enough either.Relatively low workrate for a Fly, which is a big part of why a lot of his title fights were quite close.Waited too long to let his hands go, especially the great left hook he had.

The fight against Toguchi, where he did let his hands go a lot(despite being past his peak)he looked spectacular at times.Toguchi was the kind of awkward mobile, unpredictable fighter that had given him problems before(zamudio, Cha etc) but he was dismantled.Must have really ****ed Yuri off.

Grigorian was very good from 95-99\00 but he lost a lot physically early on, much like Yuri, his shoulders and hands were shot to bits by 00 and after it he was mostly a calzaghe-esque cuffing puncher .He fought with more cuteness than these three, but didn't have the same power and with his opposition being what it was most would have him last.basically a wasted career.

I do have some doubts if he was athletic enough to fight the way he did against the better fighters the division has had, a lot of the time he would slide into perfect punching range and let the opponent get off first, or go into some low semi-crouching angle with his gloves cupped under\around his chin.Not unlike a lot of the greater defensive and slip\counter fighters would when showboating or looking to set bait for countering.

Except he didn't quite have the reflexes to do it as often as he did without taking a few needless straight shots in the forehead\nose each round before getting in the counters.

He'd need to adapt a bit or be willing to take a fair amount of scuffing punches against better fighters, though he seemed to have a strong chin and was very busy and accurate.
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