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Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Yeah i think Haroon put they was going Moon Lounge and i suppose people get talking and say the Khan's are in town, the motor attracts trouble and this lot as you say want to make a name for themselves.

But then again they had tools, unless they walk along with crowbars and TBH nowadays i really don't put it past people. But i'd say they got told Khan's about, saw the motor, called for the tools and then went over giving it the bertie big *******s and got smacked up.

Khan had guys with him in the Moon Lounge, Not just Haroon. 3 or 4 others..
Yeah, that sounds about right. They knew he'd have his car there, and so taking a few tools to smash it up and provoke reaction, was what they were thinking. ****heads. Kind of backfired and now they'll be remembered for walking into an ass-whooping.

And yeah, that Chubbz knobhead is a Pak!stani.
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