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Originally Posted by SkillspayBills View Post
Yeah i think Haroon put they was going Moon Lounge and i suppose people get talking and say the Khan's are in town, the motor attracts trouble and this lot as you say want to make a name for themselves.

But then again they had tools, unless they walk along with crowbars and TBH nowadays i really don't put it past people. But i'd say they got told Khan's about, saw the motor, called for the tools and then went over giving it the bertie big bollocks and got smacked up.

Khan had guys with him in the Moon Lounge, Not just Haroon. 3 or 4 others..
Yeah, that sounds about right. They knew he'd have his car there, and so taking a few tools to smash it up and provoke reaction, was what they were thinking. Dickheads. Kind of backfired and now they'll be remembered for walking into an ass-whooping.

And yeah, that Chubbz knobhead is a Pak!stani.
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