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Default Re: Does anyone worry about the long term effects of boxing

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
How'd u get a concussion. What made you quit after your fight?
I got in at ****ing soccer,head to head collision in air.Sounded like 2 rocks banging to each other.After that got up and some ****ing idiot elbowed me at the same spot.
Got up walked 2 steps,droped on my ass,did the same thing twice till my dad grabed me.Complete amnesia,was really messed up.
About the fight it was an international tournament,and i knew from the start things would go bad,got a bladder cold(****ed 40 times that day) cause we traveled in a car with poor heat(January) for several hours,got there,was at weigh in,my opponent wasnt...(another brilliant thing of my coach,he said like "whatever".)
B4 a figh my stupid ass coach didnt hold the mitts for me(he nver did it btw) ,got into the ring with this huge guy(like 8 kg more than me) and got knocked down in 3 round,lost on points.In the lockeroom said to my "coach" **** it,dont want to this "cowboy" **** anymore.Not worth my health or time.
There are more things that preceded that,but nvm.

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