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Default Re: Is Reggie Johnson HOF worthy ??

Originally Posted by Momus View Post
Nothing against Jackson who I like as a fighter, but if he entered the hall it would open the floodgates for a cavalcade of fighters on a similar level from the era, like Kalambay, Nunn, Benn, Eubank and Collins.

For all the talk of robberies, probably only the second Castro fight falls into this category. The others were close nip and tuck fights, which Johnson's style often led to.

A very good fighter and one of the more underrated wins on Jones' resume, but he wasn't a "great" fighter.

Maybe but those doors have been opened long ago for crops of less than all-time great fighters in other divisions and era's so it wouldn't be as if it was him that set the precedent.Notably the heavyweights seem to be held to a different standard than everyone else by canastota.

By the standards the hall has set of course he's deserving, though i agree with the jist of your post.
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