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Default Re: Who Accepted Defeat Like A Man - Juan Manuel Marquez or Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
It was by two rounds. But that is not the fight in question. The Bradley fight is the one on trial and anyone with any sense, knows Pacquiao got robbed.

And that list didn't have Filipino media that voter for Pacquiao either, taking out nationalistic goggles out of the question for both parties.

Check Florez link for the Marquez vs Pacquiao fight too.
Why are we assuming Filipino and American media are biased just because they happen to think a fighter that has the same nationality as them is automatically biased? We judge a person's credibility based on their credentials and not assume.

Yea I thought pac won too, have always said he did.

I brought up the Morales fight because he made excuses for a fight he lost. He didn't dispute the decision because he clearly lost.

Marquez has a right to dispute the third fight. The majority of the boxing public thought he won. I thought he won. I'm sure he definitely thought he won. He also thought he won the first two fights. In his mind and many others, he thought he got robbed for the third time.
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