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Default Re: Who Accepted Defeat Like A Man - Juan Manuel Marquez or Manny Pacquiao?

Originally Posted by ThaWiseJester View Post
No getting your belt back and redeeming yourself should be commended not trying to get catch weights "Cotto" and avoiding the top fighter.... What does this fight do for him if he wins,it does nothing..

A win vs Bradley gets his belt back and erases the robbery,but Pac fans will not support Pac if he fights him,which is the sad part..
If he beats JMM with conviction (no controversy), then he will have defeated his greatest rival, and finally settled the Pac vs JMM discussion.

He has plenty of fights to get at Bradley. And beating Bradley is a pure paper win, meaning it 'erases' the robbery (only on paper, because most know Pac won anyways), and it gets his 'belt' back (worthless).

Beating bradley convincingly is something many feel he already did, and at worst something hes very capable of doing should he up his game for a rematch. Beating JMM convincingly is something hes never been close to doing, and that hes attempting it again instead of taking the easy money against Bradley (which will still be there for him after the JMM fight anyways, you act like he will never fight bradley again lol)

Theres just no other way to logically slice this other then

Pac vs JMM > Pac vs Bradley.

But im done with the subject, think what you want. You will see once Pac rematches Bradley and deals with him that it was an easier fight to take then JMM.
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