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Default Re: Examples of boxers who disgraced they're fans and looked for a way out during fig

Originally Posted by ELECTRIC GURU View Post
please pal, no trolling in here, just serious boxing debate. everyone knows Hopkins ducked Calzaghe in 2002 for a career high pay day anyway.

Please stick to the thread, I'm looking for fighters who cowardly looked for a way out during fights, can you give any examples?
Another bull**** post. Bernard Hopkins offered to go to Wales to rematch Calzaghe. He even said "Enzo can be ref if he wants" lol
Calzaghe had the chance to give his faithful fans, who had supported his cowardly ass for years, a chance to see him beat Bernard Hopkins. BUT what does he do??? He chickens out & retires instead. Slappy Joe knew he'd get his ass handed to him if he fought
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