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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
How many good fighters did Liston beat who were over 200 Lbs?
Liston beat-

Zora Folley KO3, 198 Lbs.

Eddie Machen W12, 196 Lbs.

Floyd Patterson KO1 x2, 189 and 194 Lbs.

Cleveland Williams (who actually kinda sucked) KO3 and KO2, 210 and 215 Lbs.

Who else?

Johnny Summerlin W8 and WSD8

Marty Marshall 2 out of 3, he weighed 180 Lbs when he beat Liston

Bert Whitehurst x2, W10 x2, 190 Lbs

Wayne Bethea, Frnakie Daniels, Ernie Cab, Mike DeJohn, Nino Valdes, Willi Besmanoff, Howard King x2, Roy Harris, Albert Westphal, Henry Clark, Chuck Wepner? Who gives a ****?

Folley, Machen, and Patterson are good wins. All of them were under 200 Lbs. Patterson was down more than any other HW Champ in history (20 times). Folley was not very durable. Machen was pretty durable and did go the distance with Liston... he did get stopped in 1 round by Johansson though. Patterson had good power but Folley and Machen not so much.
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