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Default Re: All of Duran excuses srl2

Originally Posted by alakran View Post
He was a great fighter and had a great lightweight reign, but no real ATG fighters at 135.. So what people are saying is his lightweight reign and the beating Ray the first time , but losing easily to Hearns,Benitez and Leonard and then giving Hagler what they say was a good fight but still losing, and then winning titles against Moore and Barkley gives him a top 10 ATG ranking. If we study the facts how can this be top 10 ATG? Top 25 fine, but not top 10, which is what my point always was. He was a great dominant fighter who had a weakness to a great fighter with speed who used the whole ring.

thats what made him great, he was a lightweight who beat SRL at his weight of 147 and went up to middle weight to beat a champion
Do you think Marquez could beat mayweatehr at 147 today and then go to middleweight and beat one of the champions? Duran did lose but way above his best weight[/quote]I said he was great. He was a great lightweight champ who was dominant against guys he was greater then all of them, he moves up and beats Leonard. My point is Duran is not 1-10 ATG like some of you say. If you guys say top 25 ATG is what he is, I will not argue. But many people in here say he is one of the best fighters ever, and the facts are not there. Having charisma and machismo still does not equal top 5 or top 10 ATG. He needs the wins. I think Duran gets rated higher for his machismo and style, in the same way a guy like Virgil Hi.ll gets underrated for his boring style and lack of machismo. Yet Virgil had 4 reigns at 2 divisions and 25 title defenses. It is not a matter of hero worship, it is about facts and rating a guy fairly.

Marquez was never Duran quality. He is the most overrated guy who is considered elite. The fact that you are rating Leonard as a great when Duran fought him in June of 1980 is the problem. Leonard was not the superfighter he later became. The first Duran fought taught him how to be an elite fighter, and the proof is how conclusively he beat Duran when he put it all together. And we even have a 3rd fight to show how dominant he was over Duran, when Ray was older.
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