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Default Re: All of Duran excuses srl2

Originally Posted by duranimal View Post
Trust YOU to be the 1st ****er on here I bet yer emptied yer sack
Hey Duranimal. About Duran, I like Duran, but I also know that the excuses he made were bought by the boxing public. Other fighters made excuses and no one believed it. No one really thought Hearns had weak legs when he fought Hagler, which is why Tommy said he brawled. I don't even buy it really. Hearns never had weak legs before Hagler and had to brawl other guys so making excuse was just an excuse. Breaking his right hand was a good excuse, but that happens in fights. Even with my favorite fighter Hearns I don't accept the excuses. Or Leonard saying after the Hearns rematch that he just didn't feel right that day. That is vague. Benitez saying after Leonard beat him that he only trained a few days. Excuses are there but Duran has made the same one over and over. He didn't train for the greatest fighters he fought. The question would be, why didn't he train for the best fighters he fought, but he trained for the lesser guys. I know you love Duran. I am not saying he is not great, I am saying he is great, but not 1-5 or 1-10.. I don't even think my favorite fighter Hearns is 1-10. He can't be. He lost his two biggest fights.
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