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Default Re: Showtime close to ending Strikeforce deal, promotion could fold soon

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat View Post
SF has to be established as a second tier organisation. Alot of UFC fighters should be in it and Cormier, Melendez etc should be in the UFC. SF could have tournaments to get into the UFC and the formula for good fights still work. It would help to establish the UFC as the NFL of MMA. Hardcore fans know that there are a number of top fighters that should and could be in the UFC but aren't.

Who gives a **** about Showtime, move it somewhere else because at the moment it is a sideshow with no credibility. Cormier is on twitter everyday saying he doesn't know who he is going to fight.

I am a boxing fan that is by no means saddened over seeing an mma company fail, but what you put in your first paragraph would have been the thing to do, and what should have been done. People fought to get to the UFC, and youre right, would have put UFC on a bigger pedestal.
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