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Default Re: How much power did Duran lose if any comin outa LW. His debut at WW againt Palomi

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
I don't think Duran was that little. If you see him with Hagler in 1983, he is not this little lightweight with a big middleweight. I remember reading that Hagler and Duran did a soft drink commercial in 1982 or 1983, and someone noticed how they were not too different in size, which is how it came about that Duran could maybe fight Hagler. And Duran later after he retired looks like he got up to 250 or 260, although now it looks like he is down to 180 or so. You could not see a guy like Floyd weighing 250 or 260 like Duran does. Even Hearns now looks like he weighs about 210 or so.[/quote/

Actually Duran blew up to about 300 to 320 lbs, and thats when he decided to lose weight..I saw the picture of him at his biggest..It was hard to look at.
That is smart that he lost weight. I have to lose weight also. We get older and our metabolism slows down. Did he ever mention being that high in weight and having to lose? I did notice he lost a lot of weight since he looks like the old Duran now. That must have been hard for him to do.
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