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Default Re: Wilfredo Gomez ATG if no Light Featherweight division?

So how would Gomez have done if he had challenged Lopez at FW? I imagine that would have been a classic! I have not watched Sanchez/Gomez fight for years but I remember Gomez rather arrogantly just walking straight in with his chin hanging in the air. I think he had become addicted to his power and left himself wide open to Sanchez, but if this fight had taken place earlier, say Gomez beat Lopez and held title until 1980 when Sanchez challenges, maybe it would have been different? He boxes and is more cautious, also it is less of a super fight at this stage so less pressure to be macho!

Also if Gomez fights Zarate earlier at BW maybe he loses? Fighting someone like Zarate in your first title challenge is far more daunting than fighting Dong-Kyun Yum at LtFW. Maybe he woudl have folded like Pedroza vs Zamora in his first challenge before moving up and establishing himself at FW?
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