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Ok, so I'm boxing since May'11. I spar with one guy quite regularly whos got 10+ years of boxing exp. He is very friendly so he lets me learn by not beating me up too hard. It is obvious he is quite untouchable for me and I can only land something if he lets me but my trainer said today he is dissapointed with my boxing because I don't land punches.

Its not like I need a support because I'm sure there is nothing wrong with me, its is just my sparring partner is MUCH better and thats it but still I would like to hear from You guys about this kinda situations.

Also I remember there was a short clip on yt with Vitali sparring some ukrainian boxing champ. Actually it wasnt sparring. The kid was doing everything he could but Vitali was just out of reach cos of skill gap between them and the same situation is with me (I think). I'm not affraid, im shortening the distance even though he counters me with some painful jabs and crosses. Im just doing my boxing and I see the progress but still.... Is it possible to be better after 1,5 year? I dont even say anything about technique and mitts because it looks good- I'm doing mitts from the very beggining and was training 4-5 times a week for a very long time so my punches are ok. Not to be ****y or something but there are some guys in the gym who train much longer than me and I could destroy them anytime but its not my goal. I dont like to win easy fights. I like ot learn and get better and maybe its re****ed but I actually like to get some beating because I feel it gets me better faster

Any thoughts?
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