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Default Re: Fight Sports on Foxtel Channel 183

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It's interesting in here....

What we are bringing is shows that would not normally get coverage, and the PROMOTERS and FIGHTERS are appreciative of what we are doing.

We produce what the promoters put on, not every card is an A listed card, that is for each of you to decide.

What we love doing is working with those that are happy to work with us, and we will continue to do so, and from our perspective, the more exposure fighters, gyms, promoters and sponsors get, well that can only be good for the sport in general.

Thanks again for the support, and we look forward to everyone tuning in.

Just a question for those that want to see more boxing, which Promotions / Promoters would you like to see...
That's a great attitude mate and its a smart move to canvas the interest of hardcore boxing fans on the forums. Its free market research. There are plenty of cards that don't get televised much to our frustration so if you keep an eye on the forum you'll get a feel for what we're after.
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