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Default Re: How much would a Marciano win over Floyd Patterson in 1956 do for his legacy?

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post

Ingemar Johansson, Tom Mcneeley, Roy Harris, Pete Radamacher...what do all of these men have in common? All of them knocked floyd patterson down. Johnasson knocked patterson out. Can you imagine what a stronger, much better puncher in Marciano would do to floyd?

Marciano did not throw wide shots either, he threw short punches(especially in his latter career) and was quite crafty in his crouch. He also threw non stop punches and had the durability to take pattersons best punch in order to land his own.
Marciano is not stronger than Ingo, ingo weighed almost 30 pounds more, was younger hit harder, it was a rockman shot, he got lucky, and lost the next too. To be honest, Marciano would be less likely to take such a shot for the obvious fact that he was a better boxer. A better boxer would not have taken the same kind of wild shot, that if missed could easily be koed. Its why rackman could knockout lewis but tyson couldn't, we'd all agree tyson is better than rackman. But it is because he is better he is not dumb enough to take such a ridiculously wild punch that landed luckly and splt lewis guard.

Patterson knocked out Johanson and won the series.

Marciano throws wide shots, from down low, its where his power comes from. I agree his crouch was crafty, in fact when he threw out the famous suzie q, it was a hella wide punch right hand, punch heard around the world, wide punch. He did throw alot, and had a craft unorthodox defense.

I am not debating if Marciano is great, it is obvious he is. I am saying he could not have beaten patterson when they met up in the mid/late 50s. Marciano was 33, he had taken several beatens himself, his durability was in decline, patterson had destroyed his last 10/11 opponents with early to mid range knockouts. He had a punch called a gazelle punch which was almost custom made for beating marciano, it was a leaping crouching left hook from down low, that would have knocked out marciano cold. He won a title elminator tournament to become champ after marciano retired, he was ranked the number 1 light heavy and #5 heavy when marciano retired, he was too fast, too good endurance, too strong too durable, marciano wasn't big enough (marciano was shorter and weighed only 8 pounds more). Marciano was all the willing to make a comeback when Ingo won the championship because it was assumed Floyd could not win back the title (no one had done it before at that point) but when he did all of a sudden marciano decided he will stay in retirement. I liken it to when Foreman said if K2 beats Lewis, he'd come back. Knows he can't beat lewis, believes he can beat klitschko so he would come back to fight the guy he thinks he can beat.

Marciano had never had to fight an opponent like Patterson who was better than him in every dimension, stronger, faster, more durable, better endurance, better ko power, more elusive and who would not tire in a 15 round bout because he is in his 20s not 40s. At that point patterson was certainly a better boxer puncher than the 38 year old who out boxxed marciano for 13 rounds.

Patterson being knocked down was more a function of him missing extremely powerful punches and opponents being in a position to counter him off balance ie him jumping out and throw a left and the guy gives him a pitty pat punch shove that makes him fall over, rather than weak chin.

Marciano would be a swarmer, fighting a harder hitting faster handed guy, better conditioned, better endurance, stronger, he loses,everytime.
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