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Default Re: AJJ's new rant...

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Have I said I'd give him credit?

No ****. That's what rebound fights are. Cherry-picked to ensure you win.

What trench am I in? All it is is a confidence-building, comeback fight that I'm not treating as anything else. How has that put me in a trench? And I'm sorry, but no supporter of Kell Brook -- whilst accepting his **** opposition as being ok -- can be in a position to criticize Khan for this soft touch. Dude is nearing 30 fights, past his mid-20s, and still hasn't fought a world-class opponent - something Khan's being doing almost back-to-back for the past 3 years.
Was asking you a question...will you give him credit? Where did i say "why will you give him a credit" or anything similar??

Whats Kell Brooks opponents got to do with Amir Khans next opponent anyway? When did i compare them? What you are saying is because i am a Kell Brook fan, i shouldn't call Khan v Molina a joke? Sorry, it's an amazing fight...i'll keep my mouth shut about it
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