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Originally Posted by therm View Post
U know what I meant by saying this.. and I spar everyone thats not the point. How can You look good in sparring vs much better opponent? I think You cant and my trainer obviously thinks otherwise so I'm asking here about Your experience on this matter

afaik u are only as good as your opponents lets u to be. I can be vitali vs a total noob and I can be a total noob vs somebody with 4 times more experience and then we can have real vitali who can make the last guy look very bad also, right? or are there some exceptions?
Of course you can look good against someone better than you. I was sparring the state champ the other day a guy who if we fought would tear me up but I had success with certain things I was doing. In the last round (we did 3x3s) I even managed to make him work and tire a little, if he'd wanted to he could've ****ted me around but I still had success against a far superior opponent. I think nerves are one of the biggest reasons people struggle against guys they know are alot better. He may be better than you but hes still a ****ing human, sounds like you're accepting hes better than you rather than trying to change that.

Find a way to make it more competitive, don't fight their fight try and push them through output/style whatever. Also remember every spar try and work on a different thing each spar or round don't think of winning or losing. Try something and see what success you have with it, how you can improve it etc. Most guys who go out to win every spar seem to plateau skillwise quickly.
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