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Default Re: AJJ's new rant...

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Considering you followed up your question with, "It's the biggest cherrypick in his career, arguably", it seemed like a rhetorical question as you were expecting me to give him credit. To answer question then: no, I will not give him undue credit for beating Molina. As I've already alluded to at the beginning, it's just a comeback fight. Why on earth would I give him credit for a fight he's supposed to win easily?

I'm challenging your rational, in which case Kell's level of opposition has everything to do with you discussing Khan's next opponent. You're someone who in the past has tolerated and even justified Kell's incredibly slow progression under Hearn, and yet here you are criticizing Khan for taking one soft touch despite coming off a series of fights against opposition Kell hasn't even come close to facing yet?
What would you of done differently with Brook? Hearn has said for a while now, he is working towards an IBF mandatory position. I defend that to clowns who say he should accept a poor deal to fight Tim Bradley (fight will sell no tickets in America) and accept that because it's reasonable and sensible.

If Khan is the "league above Brook" that he claims to be, he shouldn't be fighting lightweights with no power...comeback fight or not.
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