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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by Andrei00 View Post
Well, if we're being honest, that also seems like dodging the question to me. He asked about Ali being able to handle Lewis' size, and I came with examples of boxers who fought Ali and who were either taller than Lennox, or similar to him in terms of weight and height.

Very good job at selectively highlighting only PART of my post... Now let's bring the rest of it to the table.

In either case, Lewis was still even bigger than Bugner and would likely be larger than any man Ali ever fought. If not, he was certainly more well rounded as a big man in terms of size, power, conditioning, mobility, skill, etc..
There we go.. Helps to have a broader view of the big picture.

And in either case, this is definitely trying to change the argument.

I'm pretty sure if Lewis were to live and box in the same era as Ernie, he wouldn't weigh 245lbs
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