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Default Re: Ray Mercer vs. Oliver McCall

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
u wud hev pikt him over Ferguson and Marion Wilson ez wel , probabli Holmes 2
Wilson? Yes. They ended up fighting to a draw.

Holmes? No. I was one of the few that thought Holmes would beat him.

Ferguson? Mercer took him lightly and blew his shot at Bowe. He did win the rematch.

McCall's win over Ferguson was nothing special, neither was Mercer's. Holmes was older vs. McCall. Wilson and McCall were both a million years old when they fought.

I''m not even a fan of Mercer.I was a fan of McCall... but you can only feel so sorry for a guy who had everything and blew it... more than once.

IMO, on most nights Mercer does a little more than McCall and gets the close decision win. McCall had a great chin and had good power but he did not throw nearly enough punches vs. the good fighters he faced... for the most part.
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