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Default Re: How much would you pay to buy a filmed copy of your most longed for fight?

$40 bucks tops. I don't understand peoples fascination with getting hustled for their hard earned money.

I'm just gonna use US minimum wage for example. US Federal minimum wage is at $7.25. If you adjusted for inflation it should be $12.

So assuming you worked at minimum wage. $40/$7.25 = 5.5 hours

Taking into account taxes you would have to bust your ass about 6-7 hours to afford an old fight that happened already. I'd rather go watch a live bouts for $25 or see some talent at the gym for free.

$1000 to $5000 for an old fight, that's just crazy

Now some of you make a lot more and it's cool to think about, but you still gotta consider the hours you work for that 1-5K
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