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Default Re: Antonio Cervantes 'Went in the Tank versus Wilfred Benetiz'

June 25, 1977

'Big Controversey in the Maracaibo Bull Ring'

Antonio 'Kid Pambele' Cervantes was awarded a (TKO 6) over Carlos Maria Giminez in a highly
controversial stoppage, to win the 'vacant' WBA Light-Welterweight Championship.

Antonio Cervantes won the 'first two rounds' by scoring with good left jabs, but by Round 3,
the Argentinian started to come on strong, as he landed several good left-rights to the former
Champion's body, which seemed to hurt the Colombian.

Carlos Maria came out of Round 3 with a cut over his left eye, but did not appear to be bothered
by the slight flow of blood, as he returned to his corner.

In Round 4, Carlos Maria tore into a 'poorly conditioned' Cervantes with a steady one-two attack,
backing the fading Colombian backwards into the ropes, where he banged away, leaving 'Kid Pambele'
weary at the bell.

In Round 5, Cervantes came out looking like he had nothing left. Carlos Maria moved in, and started
banging away with his steady one-two attack, which had 'Kid Pambele' in some trouble. But, Cervantes
held on, and late in the round, in desperation, Cervantes managed to land a left uppercut on the
Argentinian, which opened a 'deep cut' over the right eye of Carlos Maria.

At the end of the 5th Round, the bout was all 'Even' on the scorecards, but Antonio Cervantes looked 'spent'.

In between rounds, the Argentinian's handlers worked on the cuts over both eyes of their fighter, but they
appeared to have the flow of blood under control.

When suddenly, Referee -Marty Denkin (California, USA) went over to Carlos Maria Giminez' corner and looked in,
then without asking the ringside physician to check out the Argentinian fighter, Referee Denkin walked over to
Antonio Cervantes corner and 'raised his hand', awarding the former Champion the TKO victory.

As Antonio Cervantes and his corner celebrated, the Argentinian Group screamed in protest, and charged after
the Referee.

The WBA Official (Fernando Mandry Galindez of Venezuela) 'overruled' the protest (on the spot), and awarded
Antonio Cervantes the Championship Belt in the ring, while the Maracaibio 'Bull Ring' fans boo'ed the announcement.

Urgent Note;

The WBA President, Fernando 'Mandry' Galindez informed the Manager of Carlos Maria Giminez, that if he protested
the decision of the stoppage, the WBA would hold up his fighter's fight purse of $40,000 pending a 'Grievance Committee Review'
which would take 30-days. The Argentinian decided to waive the 'grievance', in return for a guarantee return match
within 6-months...........

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