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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by Andrei00 View Post
Well, that's what you did, right? Selected the part of my post which you didn't agree with, I thought it wouldn't be unfair for me to do the same thing. That wasn't my argument, that was my opininon on how Lewis would look like if he were to box in the same era as Ernie. Read what I first posted, what fg2227 posted after me and then my post we're talking about here (read it completely this time), and maybe you'll get my point.

No I responded to your ENTIRE post which was this, and let's break it down together.

Andrei00 I'm pretty sure if Lewis were to live and box in the same era as Ernie, he wouldn't weigh 245lbs. Take another example, Joe Bugner. 6'4" guy, weighed 230lbs against Ali. So yeah, I still believe Ali could handle Lewis' size pretty well.
I then responded with this:

mr. magoo.
That's kind of dodging the question if we're honest. When doing a fantasy matchup you have to compare the two fighters as they REALLY were.

And since it was a two part reply, I finished with this.

Joe Bugner did not have the power or fighting style of a man like Lennox Lewis, and more often than not, fought a defensive minded style rather than initiating any sort of attack.. In either case, Lewis was still even bigger than Bugner and would likely be larger than any man Ali ever fought. If not, he was certainly more well rounded as a big man in terms of size, power, conditioning, mobility, skill, etc..

Now to clearify, I haven't a clue as to who would win.. Muhammad Ali will always be the better fighter in my mind, from the stand point of having greater accomplishments and doing better against the rest of the field. But I'm not confident in picking a winner between the two of them.

I addressed both of your points in two parts.

1. That assuming Lewis would come in at a certain weight in a different era was bull**** and dodging the question


2. That Lewis had nothing in common with Joe Bugner, making that a ridiculous comparison..

Did I miss anything that you'd like to share. Perhaps some invisible typing?
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