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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

It's quite interesting because although I do see Ali battling somewhat with the height and reach of Lewis or Wlad, I think they'd both struggle with his speed of hand and foot.

The weight is not a problem for Ali in the slightest...the weight advantage would only count in close, and I don't see Ali v Lewis or Ali vs. Wlad as anything other than long range fights, with the odd clinch here and there.

Basically, I see these fights as chess matches, and very much a battle of the jabs. I think Ali's jab beats Lewis' jab, but Wlad's jab could be harder to counter. Ali didn't miss a trick though, and if he did find a weakness to exploit, he would exploit it to the fullest.
Both hit harder than Ali, but power isn't going to faze Ali who as we all know had an elite level chin. Neither are going to land with enough leather to put meaningful combo's on the guy either, so knockouts are out of the question, imo.

Over 15 rounds, I think Ali would be fighting at a pace that the other two guys would not be accustomed to, and would be hard-pressed to match. That could be a significant factor later in the fight.
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