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Default Re: How much would you pay to buy a filmed copy of your most longed for fight?

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
The whole list was funny given everything that's on offer.

Pep-Saddler II or Bus-Gonz?

Decisions, decisions.
No, Bus Vs Gonzalez. I have footage of both Pep and Saddler.

I've never seen a peak Borkorsor at fly, tanking Betulio Gonzalez to his only stoppage anywhere near his best. So bad he received lacerations to the body.

I'm a sucker for flyweight.

Muangsurin Vs Brooks is supposed to be ultra violent at action packed. A 15th round stoppage so I'd be getting value for money.

I want more Marcel. More footage of any of those guys would be worthwhile as well, and if it's Nemoto then it's the chance to see a shockingly awkward clash of styles and Marcel stopping Nemoto for the only time in his career.

Escobar in his prime sparking Casanova in an incredible result? Greats on show here, I will offer no explanations

I conceded that Greb would be my no.1 hope. An that's pretty commercial so cut me some slack
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